We thought we’d kick off our blog and email newsletter series with a look back at Grendel #00001: T-style, with cherry-burst finish, and made from spalted maple. After Drew had completed several successful projects, I mentioned to him that I had my eye on a cherry-burst Fender Tele. He proposed […]

The First Grendel Guitar

Swamp Ash
    If you have done any reading about electric guitars on the interwebs in the past…oh…decade or so, you might be aware that on certain forums and youtube channels there is and has been a debate raging between the Tonewood Believers and the Tonewood Deniers.  Those in the first […]

Tonewood and Electric Guitars

My Modified Squier 51
If you are reading this post, I suspect there’s a good chance you are like me in at least this way:  I spend a decent amount of time in guitar stores drooling over cool new toys (even though I build much of what I play these days).  It has been […]

Holiday Project! – Squier 51 Mods

I recently asked my brother this question. This was his answer.   First, make sure the custom electric guitar is tuned the way you will normally be tuning it.  (Folks who tune down for metal, for example, wind up putting less string tension  on the  neck  than standard tuning). Once […]

Tuning a Guitar – Do I adjust the Truss Rod ...