The First Grendel Guitar

We thought we’d kick off our blog and email newsletter series with a look back at Grendel #00001: T-style, with cherry-burst finish, and made from spalted maple.


After Drew had completed several successful projects, I mentioned to him that I had my eye on a cherry-burst Fender Tele. He proposed to make a better instrument, and for a lesser cost! I was skeptical, but intrigued.


He was kind enough to send me updates at each stage of the build.The neck was ordered from Warmoth and I chose Lindy Fralin Blues Specials for the pickups. It was exciting to see the progress, but it made me even more anxious to see the final product!


DSCN0593       DSCN0594


dsc_0055       dsc_0051


Finally, the day came. I was (and still am) our first (happy) customer. We then got the bright idea that perhaps other tone-focused players may want to take advantage of Drew’s tasteful builds. Thus, Grendel Guitars was born. You can read more about that on our About Grendel Guitars page.


img_9849 img_9839